Balihang Award

Balihang Award was established in 2056 B.S. (1999 A.D.) by Kirat Yakthung Chumlung (KYC) Kathmandu District Executive Committee. This award is distributed every two years. The people, who have made contribution to the enhancement of Limbu culture, language and literature, will be awarded. The award includes appreciation letter along with ten thousand rupees (Nepalese currency) for Nepali citizen and ten thousand rupees (Indian currency) for people living outside of Nepal.

KYC Kathmandu District Executive committee has established a fund for this purpose by collecting money from Laringek Namlingek during the Balihang Tangnam. Only the interest of the fund has been used for Balihang Award. For the selection of Balihang Awardees, KYC Kathmandu District Executive Committee forms a board for selection. The fund and selection procedure of the Balihang Award are regulated by the Balihang Award Regulation. The Balihang Award is distributed organizing a function in Kathmandu.

Four people have been awarded till this time: 

Mr. Kajiman Kandangwa (Limbu), who was the first person to have been honored with this award, has made immense contribution to protection and promotion for Limbu language and literature.

Similarly, Mr. P. S. Muringla (Limbu) of Sikkim, India was the second person to receive this award. He has given a new dimension to Limbu literature and has written first novel in Limbu language called ‘ The Thatthama’.

Likewise, Poet and academician Bairangi Kaila (Til Bikrak Nembang) received this award in 2058 BS for his outstanding contribution to the promotion and preservation of Limbu language and culture.

Likewise, Mr. B.B. Muringla from Sikkim, India received the Balihang Award in 2065 for his lifelong contribution to the promotion of Limbu language, Kirat -Sirijonga script, literature and music. He has worked tremendously to introduce Limbu language in school curriculum of Sikkim, India.