Iman sing Chemjong Award

This award has been instituted in the memory of Kiratologist and historian late Iman Sing Chemjong, to encourage and felicitate the dedicated writers on Limbu literature (written in Limbu language). This award was established in 2054 B.S. by Kirat Yakthung Chumlung with the financial contribution made by Dhanajit Aveng Limbu , Letchwa, Thinglabu, Taplejung permanent residence in Dharan 19, Sunsari. Later, Mr. Manjul Yakthumba, former chairperson and advisor of KYC also contributed to the fund on the auspicious occasion of 100th Anniversary of Late Iman Sing Chemjong. Similarly, Bharat Sing Jabegu Limbu, former central member of KYC and Ex Gurkha Major has also contributed some amount to the fund. The amount received from the contributors is kept in revolving fund and the interest of the fund is used for the award. The amount of the award is Rs. 10,000.

This award is distributed on the Birth Day of Iman Sing Chemjong. Kirat Yakthung Chumlung has stipulated a regulation (Iman Sing Chemjong Award Regulation 2054) to manage its fund and the process of selection of the awardees.

Two people have been awarded till now:

Yehang Laoti, a Limbu poet was awarded for the first time in 2059 BS for his literary work ‘Yehang Laotiren Samaitlaha’ (the poems of Yehang Laoti). Mr. Laoti is well known for Limbu literature. In 2064 BS, Limbu poet Amar Tumyahang was awarded for his creative writing entitled ‘Sodhugen Iman Sing Chemjong’. This is an epic written in Limbu language. The epic ‘Sodhugen Iman Sing Chemjong” is considered the first epic in Limbu Literature. He has been working as editor of Tanchhoppa Bilingual Newspaper published by Kirat Yakthung Chumlung.

Download>>Imansing Chemjong Award Regulation (Nepali Text).pdf

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