International Limbu Conference (Watch Live Video Now)

1. Background information:
Kirat Yakthung Chumlung (KYC) is a representative organization of indigenous Limbu community which was established 25 years ago on the date of September 2, 1989. Since its establishment, KYC has been protecting and promoting culture, language, scripts and history of Limbu ethnic group in Nepal. Furthermore, KYC has been playing a crucial role to advocate and lobbying for reinstating the Limbuwan identity through state restructuring in the country. By strengthening its institutional capacity, KYC has been able to maintain its continuity to mobilize Limbu community at different levels and areas to succeed aforesaid endeavors. KYC emerged out of the idea that Limbu community was required to re-establish their identity and promote history whereas the unitary and centralized Hindu stateof Nepal deliberately demolished the glorious territorial history of Limbuwan. Now it is dedicated for such a venture.

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Limbus are scattered across the world as permanent inhabitants. The Limbus of Nepal who are migrated to different countries for jobs and other reasons still bear in mind the KYC as their own organization. Those Limbus in abroad are united together under the name of KYC in different countries and making contributions to Limbuwan and Limbus – is an indication to care for KYC wherever they are. Likewise, it is well learned that the Limbus who are permanent residents from time immemorial in India and Myanmar are also federated in their own countries abiding by the state rules and regulation to protect and promote language, script, culture and history. While Limbus are scattered across the earth, the socio-psychology of this community is almost the same even in this modern age. Despite the fact that there is a demand of time to have a common forum of interaction among Limbus for sharing of experiences, collaboration and for solidarity at individual and communal level, that was not possible in the past. To meet such a demand of time, Kirat Yakthung Chumlung-Nepal has decided to organize an International Limbu Conference to share experiences among the representatives from national organizations of different countries for development and solidarity of Limbus. The main theme is Limbu identity and dignity of International Limbu Conference.

2. Defined Objectives of the Conferences

1. To strengthen the movement for Limbu identity and territorial autonomy in Nepal through an intellectual interaction.
2. To develop common understanding among Limbu community at large by reviewing their own social and cultural beliefs and trends.
3. To create favorable environment amongst Limbus from different countries for mutual collaboration and for sharing of experiences, knowledge and information.
4. To establish a basic foundation for a mechanism to extend cooperation and solidarity within Limbus across the world.

3. Provision for participation in the conference

Delegates from the representative and apex organization of Limbu community of different countries across the world will be the primary participants in the conference. The leaders of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFDIN), Extensive United Front of Indigenous Nationalities and pioneers of Limbus from their ancestral land will be invited to the inaugural ceremony of the conference. Nevertheless, the following representatives from different countries are expected to the interaction program during the closed sessions of the seminar.

Founder members of KYC
Five representatives from 15 different countries across the world
Central committee members of KYC
Five representatives from each 13 distinct branches of KYC
Representatives from Limbu related organizations
Limbu scholars and activists
Political parties from Limbuwan area

4. Date : April 24-26, 2014 Place: Dharan Sunsari, Limbuwan

5. Program activities

First day- All participants to the conference are required to reach program venue one day ahead of starting day of the seminar. The people from Sunsari district will organize a big rally by involving general public in the first day of the conference. After a city round, the rally will reach the Chumlung building of Dharan Sunsari for a mass meeting and then the conference will be inaugurated. A few distinct leaders are supposed to deliver speeches to remark the inaugural ceremony. The artists will sing Limbu song on that occasion. Immediately after finishing the inaugural ceremony, the closed session of the conference will start, where-in only representatives with entry pass will be allowed to enter the hall. The country papers from Nepal, India and Myanmar (Burma) will be presented on the first day of the conference.

Second day – Session starts at 8: AM and seminar papers will be presented and discussed. The session conduction and interaction methods will follow the outlines as per prior determination from the seminar paper management committee.

Third day – Session starts at 8: AM. The conclusion drawn from the seminar papers from previous day will be presented. In addition, a concept note will be presented for a basic foundation for a mechanism to extend cooperation and solidarity within Limbus across the world. After comments are made on the concept note from the representatives from different countries, the structure and working modality for the mechanism will be streamlined to the extent it is possible. At the end, a conference declaration will be prepared on the basis of seminar conclusion and disseminated through press conference.

6. Potential topics for seminar papers
1. Identity and dignity of Limbus in the context of Nepal.
2. Limbu traditions and rituals
3. Limbu identity related cultural specialties.
4. Philosophy of Yakthung Mundhum
5. Limbu language and literature
6. The possible mechanism to extend cooperation and solidarity within Limbus across the world.
7. Other topics concerning Limbu community.

7. Media coordination and mobilization
The existing sub-committee for information dissemination which is formed for silver jubilee of KYC celebration will be responsible for media coordination and mobilization that includes association of Limbu journalists.

8. Documentation of conference activities: Thorough coverage of the conference will be documented properly. That includes – video, photography, preparatory meeting, seminar outline and interaction, information dissemination and also the closing declaration. Conference proceeding and its conclusion will be organized and documented by the seminar paper management committee.

9. Expected outputs from the conference
1. Conducive environment will be created for extending cooperation and solidarity among Limbus from different countries.
2. Common understanding will be developed on Limbu, Limbuwan and identity movements in Nepal, that will be helpful to internationalize these issues.
3. Conceptual clarity will be created on diverse belief and practices of Limbus from different locations.
4. A basic foundation for a mechanism to extend cooperation and solidarity within Limbus across the world will be set-up.
5. The conference declaration will be disseminated.

10. Sub-committees
The sub-committees constituted for silver jubilee of KYC celebration will be responsible even for this international Limbu Conference as well. The finance sub-committee will raise fund for this conference and the sub-committee for information dissemination will coordinate and mobilize the media by including association of Limbu journalists. A seminar paper management committee will be formed to collect and organize seminar papers. Sunsari district branch of KYC and central committee secretariat jointly determine to form essential sub-committees for logistic management .
In the preparatory phase, central committee secretariat of KYC might consult the concerned Limbu personnel from Sikkim and other countries to develop the outline of conference, selection seminar topics and to get suggestion for international mechanism for collaboration.

11. Budget

KYC Nepal has expected to overseas KYC for raising funds to sponsor the Limbu International Conference. Coordination and contact will be maintained accordingly. The participants, who will come to the conference from Nepal and abroad are required to pay their transportation cost on their own. The organizer will manage the food and lodge during the seminar period.
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Posted on:2014-03-11