Kirat- Sirijonga Award

Sirijonga assassinated for his work to promote and preserve of Limbu language and script. Kirat-Sirijonga Award has been instituted in his memory to honor those who have made contribution to the promotion of Limbu language, literature and research studies on Limbu history, religion and culture. This is the first award established by Kirat Yakthung Chumlung in 2051 B.S.

Kirat-Sirijonga Award was established with the financial contribution. The contributors are:

  1. Mr. Dhana Jit Aeveng , Letchuwa, Taplejung
  2. Mr. Agendra Bahadur Wanem, Dhungesanghu; Taplejung
  3. Mr. Jit Bahadur Thaklung, Nundhaki, Sankhuwasabha
  4. Mr. Dil Bahadur Okhrabu, Okhrabu, Taplejung
  5. Mr. Dal Bahadur Neyong, Hangphabung, Taplejung
  6. Mr. Deu Bahadur Isbo, Khamlalung, Terahthum
  7. Mr. Rudra Narayan Limbu, Taplejung

Deoman Bokhim, former central member of KYC and Ex Gurkha Major has contributed to increase the amount of the fund in 2007 AD.

Some amount, in the memory of late Raj Bahadur Pandhak Limbu, Aangkhop, Taplejung, has bee contributed by his family to fund of the Award in 2010 AD.

The fund and process of award distribution is regulated by the regulation (Kirat -Sirinonga Award Regulation 2051) developed by central executive committee of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung.  According to the regulation only interest is used for the award. The amount of the award is Rs. 10,000 with certificate. This award is distributed on the birth day celebration of Teongsi Sirijonga which falls on December and January…

In BS 2052, Professor Mr. Shiva Kumar Shrestha was honored by this award for his monumental work “Limbuwan ko Aitihashik Adhyan” (historical study of Limbuwan) in 2052  B.S. He has done research work on Kirat-Limbu history. He is a professor in Tribhuvan University. He is the first person to receive this award. Similarly, Late Mr. Ashman Subba was awarded for “Kirat Samyo Nu Yetchhathim” (Kirat religion and rituals) on 2054 B.S. He had contributed for five decades on uplifting Limbu language, literature and rituals. Similarly, late Mr Kajiman Kandangwa received the award in 2059 B.S. for his outstanding contribution to preservation and promotion of Limbu language and culture. Similarly, Academician and poet Bairagi Kainla (Til Bikram Nembang) was awarded in 2064B.S. for his monumental work for the preservation and promotion of Limbu Mundhum, language and culture.

Kirat Sirijonga Award Regulation (Nepali Text).pdf