Kirat Yakthung Chumlung UK was established in 2003 with the objective to promote the welfare of Limbus living in the UK; and to preserve Limbu language and culture.
The KYCUK shall be a non-profit organisation and is established for the purpose of carrying out the following objectives:
  1. To undertake various activities for the upliftment and preservation of Limbus, their cultural heritage, language (including the Kirat-Sirijonga scriptures), literature and religion.
  2. To conduct research on subjects related to Limbus and promote awareness amongst them and educate the wider general public.
  3. To organize various activities to alleviate social and welfare related hardships and assist in developmental programmes, to improve the socio-welfare of all Limbus living in the UK.
  4. In cases of extreme financial hardship, e.g. serious illness, indefinite hospitalisation, death of an immediate family member or other acute emergencies, a member shall apply for an interest free loan of up to £2000 from KYCUK. Such requests for loans from members shall be approved by the CEC on a case by case basis at an extraordinary CEC meeting. The loan shall be repaid within the timeframe agreed by the CEC and the borrower.
  5. To promote or facilitate effective charity programmes that benefit, fosters friendship and enhance social integration and communal harmony with local communities and the general public in the UK.
  6. To develop and foster friendly relationships with other ethnic-minority groups and communities in the UK and assist in achieving the UK Government’s social-integration objectives and work towards the consolidation of democracy, national unity and preserve the independence of KYCUK’s culture.
  7. To create, promote or facilitate awareness programmes against drugs and alcohol abuse; its anti-social effect on society, community and to the general public.
  8. To plan, coordinate and execute effective programmes to educate and help eradicate religious superstitions, social stigma, beliefs and practices to improve the general health and well-being of all Nepalis, both in the UK and in Nepal.
  9. To support human rights, indigenous rights, women and child rights in support of the UN Charter.
  10. To foster the Kirat Yakthung Chumlung UK’s relationship with other Kirat Yakthung Chumlung societies throughout the world.
  11. To cultivate the continued awareness of Limbu history, traditions, religion and language through participation in various social, recreational and interaction programmes.


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