Kirat Yakthung Chumlung, USA

KIRAT YAKTHUNG CHUMLUNG AMERICA is a social; non profitable and non governmental organization of Limbu people living in U.S.A. Gradually increasing population experienced necessary of an organization to unite their people, to keep good will between each other, to protect their invaluable social, cultural heritages and to strengthen public understanding of Limbu people. As a result the organization is proudly firmed being a symbol of Limbu community in 2004, New York, USA. The organization mainly focus to stand and forward its every single pace cordially with other communities organizations in United States of America to introduce socialculture of its own Limbu community, all Nepalese people and motherland Nepal. Kirat Yakthung Chumlung America is registered as a no-profitable organization in the state of New York.

Interaction Program Organised in New York City, New York USA.

Main Objectives:
1. To unite all Limbu people living in different parts of United States of America in order to keep good relationship among them, cooperate each other, and also to collect statistic of Limbu people,
2. To practice Limbu traditions, culture, costumes, script (Kirat Sirijonga script) and Limbu language (Limbu have their own mother tongue and religion-Kirat religion) by organizing various awareness programs like seminars, parties, orientation classes, researches and worships,
3. To teach Limbu children knowledgeable materials about Limbu people such as language, religion, customs, traditions and relationship.
4. To increase role and introductory of Limbus on education, social activities & good will by conducting different awareness programs
5. To support community’s people for eradicating poverty, up-lifting of living standard by helping financially and giving them cheap loans through society fund.
6. To help Limbu students financially by providing money as reward for outstanding achievements in school and morally helping them to find out school and college for their better future career.
7. To protect and work for human rights of Limbu people, conduct research on subjects related to Limbus and promote awareness among them.
8. To encourage all Limbu community people keeping own Limbu name of their children and add last name “Limbu”.

President Mr. Limbu visiting the Central office of KIrat Yakthung Chumlung, Nepal.

Executive Committee (Elected in the 3rd General Convention)

Mr. Purna Thebe Limbu
Vice- President
Mr. Debendra Sambahamfe Limbu
General Secretary
Mr. Dipesh Chabegu Limbu (Khambek Thegim)
Mr. Budha Chemjong Limbu
Mr. Birendra Labung Limbu
Mrs. Indira Chemjong Limbu
Mr. Chetan Ingnam Limbu
Mr. Yogesh Lingden Limbu
Mr. Ram Chongbang Limbu
Mr. Desh Chongbang Limbu
Mr. Sanjay Maden Limbu

Tangbhungcha in New York, USA

Executive Committee (Elected in the 2nd General Convention)
President Mr Purna Bhadur Limbu
Vice-President Mr. Nagendra Ingnam
General Secretary Mr. Dipesh Limbu (Chabegu)
Board Secretary Mr. Bikram Nembang Limbu
Treasurer Mr. Judha P. Limbu Kurumbang
Joint Treasurer Mr. Anil Limbu

Executive Members
Mr. Karna Bahadur Limbu ( Yonghang)
Prem Prasad Limbu ( Menyangbo)
Devendra Sambahangphe
Keshar Limbu (Mangden)
Munindra Bikram Nembang
Bharat Limbu ( Iwahang)
Ananda Limbu (Maden)
Bahadur Sing Subba (Pandhak)
Dhirendra Nalbo

Binod Pomo Limbu
Mahendra Lawati Phd
Hariman Tumbahangphe
Duryodhan Usuk Limbu

Legal Advisor
Rosha Subba Libang

State Representatives:
Saroj Subba Tumbahangphe, TX
Mahesh Limbu (Sanghekpa), MA
Yam Bahadur Limbu ( Singok), NM
Naresh Limbu Lawoti, OH
Jiwa Limbu, Madhamma, CA
Eksa Limbu ( Edwardsl), VA

Branches of KYC USA
Kirat Yakthung Chumlung, USA (Texas)

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Last update in January 8, 2012.

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