Uday Art Award

The Udaya Art Award is instituted to encourage and honor the individual or group who makes contribution to the promotion of Limbu song, music and art. This award was established in 2052 B.S. by Kirat Yakthung Chumlung. Mr. Udaya Bahadur Limbu has contributed some amount of money to establish the Award. The amount of money received from him is kept in the revolving fund and only the interest of it can be used for the award.

The amount of the award is Rs. 5,000 and this award is given every three years on the day of National Convention. Kirat Yakthung Chumlung has stipulated a regulation (Udayakala Award Regulation 2051) to manage its fund and the process of selection of the awardees.

Mr. B. B. Muringla from Sikkim, India was honored with this award on 2054 B.S. for his contribution to the promotion of Limbu songs, and music.

Similarly, Mr. Bhagat Subba (Popularly known as Lajesa Yakthumba) was awarded for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of Limbu songs and music in 2059 B.S. He has been continuously involving in promotion and preservation of Limbu songs and music for years.

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