Yakthung Welfare Fund

1. Introduction

Yakthung Welfare Fund, semi autonomous body working under Kirat Yakthung Chumlung, was established in 2062 B.S. with the initiatives of the Limbus who had worked in Japan for years. During their stay in Japan, they had formed organization and managed to collect some fund with the objectives to support activities focused on preservation and promotion of Limbu language and culture and uplift of socio-economic status of the Limbus in Nepal and for the welfare of the Limbus who have difficult situation in Japan. The fund is growing steadily. The amount of Rs 800,000.00 (Eight Hundred Thousand NRs) has been collected in the fund. Later, the organization in Japan had realized that the amount collected in fund would have contributed significantly to fulfill its objectives if it had kept and used as revolving fund. Consequently, the fund has been established and regulated by Yakthung Welfare Fund Regulation 2062.
Members in the Fourth General Assembly held in August 14, 2010
2. Objectives
The Yakthung Welfare Fund has specific objectives. They are:
·      To provide scholarship to poor and talent Limbu students,
·      To provide financial support to poor Limbu families for their income generation in the field of agriculture and livestock,
·      To provide financial support to carry out research and study on the Limbus and Limbuwan.
3. Current Activities
The activities of Yakthung Welfare Fund:
·   Carrying out scholarship program to students of class 9 and 10 from public schools of Taplejung, Panthar, Dhankuta, Ilam, Terhthum and Sankhuwasabha.
·   Distributing award with certificate to the student who obtain highest marks in SLC examination from public school among Limbu students. (This award distribution was started with the financial support from Kirat Akatako Sahamati Organization, Brunei.)
·   Making plan to provide support for income generation and research and study.
Receiving Prizes and Ceritificates. Miss Rosa Phombo and Mr Bijay Khudang students from Ghurbise Panchami High School, Phaktep, Panthar and Rastriya Ramaniya Aadarsha High School, Jhapa respectively who scored the highest marks among Limbu girl and boy students from the government schools  respectively in the SLC examination 2068 BS.
4. General Convention
The general convention of the YWF is held every three years. The main function of the general convention is to form the executive committee of YWF. The last formation of the executive committee was taken place in 2066 BS.
5. General Assembly
Yakthung Welfare Fund’s general assembly is held every year. The general assembly is chaired by the Chairman of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung. All the members of the Fund are the participants of the general assembly. The general assembly evaluates the progress reports and budgets of Executive committee of the YWF. It also makes plan of programs and proposed budget for the next year.
Inaugurating the Fourth General Assemby by Chairperson of KYC, Mr. Arjun Limbu
6. Executive Committee
The last general convention was held in 2066 and it formed the executive committee of the Yakthung Welfare Fund.
They are as follows:
1. Chairman                            Mr. Bhim Prasad Nembang Limbu
2. Vice Chairman                    Mr. Dhirendra Aangdembe Limbu
3. Vice Chairman                    Mr. Tek Bahadur Kambang Limbu
4. Secretary                              Mr. Kumar Jabegu Limbu
5. Joint Secretary                     Mr. Bimal Samyok
6. Treasurer                             Mr. Rudra Bahadur Samyok Limbu
7. Joint Treasurer                    Mr. Rajan Nalbo
8. Member                                Mr. Tul Bahadur Lumphungwa Limbu
9. Member                                Mr. Laxmi Prasad Samyok Limbu
10. Member                             Mr. Khadga Bahadur Chongbang Limbu
11. Member                            Mr. Dhan Kumar Kambang Limbu
12. Member                            Mr. Kumar Samyok
!3. Member                             Mr. Ganga Kurumbang
14. Member                            Mr. Madan Pomu
15. Member                            Mr. Laxmi Sundar Ninglekhu
Welcome speech by vice chairperson Mr. Tek Bahadur Kambang in Fourth GA.
Chairperson of KYC, Arjun Limbu and Vice chairperson Dhirendra Aangdembe in 4th GA