Chumlung Him

The concept of Chumlung him was firstly discussed and decided in the meeting of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung central executive committee held on 16 Magh BS 2052. The decision for the infrastructure and design for Chumlung him by acquiring land from different donors had made. While developing the concept, it was planned to build as a community hall where community peoples gather there and discuss on their different issues, learn and get more informations. .

Lalitpur Chumlung Him

The first preliminary simple cost design of the Chumlung him was drawn by Er. Suresh Nembang, central member of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung. In the design, there were one general meeting hall (for 100 persons), one lecture/training room (for 25 persons), one room for the library, one room for guests and one room for administration. It was planned to build the Chumlung him at village level as well. It was mainly targeted for model village selected by Kirat Yakthung Chumlung.

Dharan Chumlung Him

Today, there are 9 Chumlung Hims. Almost all lands for making chumlung Hims are acquired from Limbu donors. Details are as follows;

Sno District Place Built on Buildings features Land
1 Terahthum Meyanglung bazzar 2055rebuilt 2063 6 rooms, 2 storey Land by Nepal Govt.
2 Jhapa Charpane, Birtamod 2060 1 hall (capacity 70 pers), 3 rooms, 1 storey Land and Building by Donor late Narendra Angbuhang
3 Ilam Gorkhe 2060 1 hall (capacity 100 pers), 3 rooms, 1 storey Land by Mr Ganesh Bahadur Limbu
4 Sunsari Itahari 2060 1 hall for 100 persons, 1 room, 2 storey Land by Maj. Gen (Rtd) Kumar Fudong
5 Lalitpur Tikhedewal 2062 1 hall (capacity 400 pers), 17 rooms, 2 storey
6 Sunsari Dharan 2064 2 hall (capacity 70 pers each), 14 rooms, 3 storey Land by Late Kamansing Thangden and Gurkha Major Labung
7 Jhapa Prithivinagar under construction
8 Ilam Kolbung under construction
9 Panther Fedenbazzar under construction

Panthar Chumlung Him, Phidim under construction in Push, 2066 BS.


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