Saving & Credit

Kirat Yakthug chumlung has initiated the concept of saving and credit program to develop economic condition of the rural people as a program among ten listed goals to maintain the life standard of the people in rural areas. Our fundamental measures are yet to be discussed and implemented. Kirat Yakthung Chumlung has commenced the saving and credit program since five days program of Kartik, 2055. Kirat Yakthum Chumlung saving and credit act 2055 has been implemented for the provision of door to door capital management for collective saving from their own income/resources in order to invest in income generating programs.

Awareness Raising program on Saving and Credit.

This program in the preliminary phase was initiated in different places of Taplejung, Panchthar, Ilam, Jhapa, Morang, Sunsary, Dhankutta, and Terhathum. The people saved some amount and invest too. It was reviewed in 2057. The meeting had agreed to continue the program due to their inspiration and success oriented activities witnessed during monitoring and supervision. The training program was organized again in 2057 in order to solve accounting problems appeared in saving and credit and gain additional knowledge, to solve the problems of groups and manage both monitoring and supervision and to increase their knowledge in its widespread scopes and legality. The program had constituted the following groups for saving and credit:

1. Manuding Saving Group Shanischare 3, Morang

2. Sirijanga Saving Group Itahara 4, Sunsari

3. Manasa Saving Group Rajghat 7, Morang

4. Imansingh Saving Group Prithvinagar 1 Jhapa

5. Imansingh Saving Group Prithvinagar 1 Jhapa

6. Imansingh Saving Group Prithvinagar 2 Jhapa

7. Imansingh Saving Group Prithvinagar 3 Jhapa

8. Imansingh Saving Group Prithvinagar 4 Jhapa

9. Imansingh Saving Group Prithvinagar 7 Jhapa

10. Sabla Women Saving Group Sabla 1, Terhathum

11. Nogen Women Saving Group Yangnam 6 Panthar

12. Ichhaphasing Saving Group Singhadevi 3, Morang

13. Tanchhopa Women saving Group Hattikharka 6 Dhankutta

14. Pangvephasing Saving Group Singhadevi 8 Morang

15. Yangsaphasing Saving Group Singhadevi 7 Morang

16. Sekmuri Menchhya Saving Group Barbotte 3 Ilam

17. Sumnima Saving Group Phungling 1 Taplejung

Training on Saving and Credit Program

Some of these groups have been changed into cooperative groups and others have been disappeared. The groups changed into cooperative are working well. Some saving groups are yet to develop to change them into cooperative. Such programs have to spread in other villages and districts.