Limbu Cultural Council

The Limbu Cultural Council, semi autonomous body working under the guidance of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung, is established in 2061 BS to work for the preservation and promotion of the intangible cultural heritage of the Limbus such as songs, music, musical instruments, drama and dance.  The Limbu Cultural Council works to preserve the uniqueness of songs, music, dramas and dances of Limbus which is less influence from other dominant cultures and to develop them with the gradual changes in attitude of the Limbus.

2. Objectives
The Limbu Cultural Council has specific objectives. They are as follows:
·      to preserve and promote Limbus’ native songs, music and dance,
·      to establish Limbu songs, music and dance as a significant part of the national culture,
·      to develop document carrying out research and study on songs, music, dance, musical instruments and art of the Limbus,
·     to empower Limbus for achieving their rights,
3. Activities
The activities of Limbu Cultural Council are as follows:
·      Disseminating Limbus songs, music and dance
·      Organizing workshops, seminars and conferences on Limbus’ songs, music and dance,
·      Organizing felicitation program to singer, musician, dancer and artiste of drama for their encouragement,
·      Organizing cultural program at village, district and national level,
·      Encouraging native and foreign scholars to conduct research and study on Limbu songs, music and dance,
·      Distributing audio/vidio of Limbu songs, music and dance,
·      Organizing training programs to transfer Limbus intangible cultural heritage to new generation,
·      Organizing Limbu Drama Festival,
 Mega Limbu Cultural Program Organized in Dharan.
4. Membership
Qualifications for membership of the Council are as follows:
·      Limbus who are at least 16 years old,
·      Limbus who are interested in Limbu songs, music, dance and drama,
·      Limbu who are dedicated for the preservation and promotion of Limbu songs, music and dance,
5. Limbu Cultural Council Assembly
·      Council Assembly is the supreme body of the Limbu Cultural Council,
·      Concil assembly is held in every three years,
·      Central executive of council shall have the responsibility to call on and hold council assembly,
6. Executive Committee
The Council Assembly shall form a Executive Committee for the period of 3 years. The composition of the Executive Committee is as follows:
(a) Chairperson
(b) Vice-chairperson
(c) Secretary
(d) Treasurer
(e) 12 members
The Limbu Cultural Council was formed in 2061 BS. The names of the Executive Committee are as follows:
1. Chairperson             Mr Govinda Aangbung
2. Vice chairperson     Mr Chandra Bdr Thaklung
3. Secretary                   Mr Yaseli Yonghang
4. Joint secretary         Mr Senchhenhang Patangwa
5. Treasurer                  Mr Atal Tumbapo
6. Member                     Mr Rabindra Palungwa
7. Member                     Mr Arjun Aekten
8. Member                     Mr Krishna Kumar Thebe
9. Member                     Ms Sarita Anchangbo
10. Member                   Mr Chandra Kumar Aangdembe
11. Member                   Ms Manju Sambamphe
12. Member                   Mr. Dal Bdr Ingnam
13. Member                  Ms Kamala Aangbuhang
1. Mr Yehang Laoti
2. Mr. Nar Bahadur Yonghang
3. Mr. Arjun Limbu
4. Ms Sunita Subba