Limbu Language Literature Academy

One of the most important objectives of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung is to work for the development of the literature in Limbu language. Preservation and promotion of language has reciprocal relationship to the development of literature written in that particular language. In the case of Limbu literature, there are both oral and written literatures. Limbu people are devoted to the development of Limbu literature and felt necessity to organize their work. Limbu Language Literature Academy’, semi autonomous body working under KYC’s guidance, is established to contribute for the establishment of cultured, prosperous and wealthy Limbu society through the preservation, promotion and development of Limbu literatures.

2. Objectives

The Limbu Language Literature Academy has specific objectives. They are:

·     To preserve and promote Limbu Language and Kirat Sirijonga Script

·     To develop Limbu literatures.

3. Activities

The activities of Limbu Language Literature Academy are:

·   Working to make the field of Limbu literature developed, reconstructive, creative and broad for the development of Limbu literature.

·   Carrying out study and research in the field of Limbu literature

·   Organizing seminar, conference and workshops,

·   Organizing programs to provide felicitation letter to literary personalities and to distribute appreciation letter to encourage talents,

·   Publishing creative writing in Limbu language,

·   Making the list of Limbu literary personality for the documentation,

·   Making conducive and encouraging environment for native and foreign scholars who are interested in conducting research and study on Limbu language and literature,

3. Membership

Qualifications for membership of the Academy are:

·     Limbus who are 16 years old and above,

·     Who can read and write in Limbu language and Kirat Sirijonga Script,

·     Who is engaged in literature in Limbu language,

·     Who stand for the statute of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung and the Limbu Language Literature Academy