Let us contribute to the Self Reliance Trust Funds of KYC

Limbu indigenous group is one of the descendants of ancient Kirat dynasty. We (Limbus) call ourselves as Yakthungba (Yakthuma for female). Kirat Yakthung Chumlung (KYC) is the representative organization of all Limbu communities. Literal meaning of Chumlung is convention. KYC is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Limbu language, scripts and culture; the upliftment of socio-economic and educational condition of Limbus; and consolidation of communal harmony among various communities. It is well-known fact that KYC has become a symbol of pride and prestige for all Limbus across the World. Thus,  Limbus require to have a sense of duty is to make KYC financially viable to run its programs/activities effectively.

  Current status of Trust Funds

Purpose of Trust Funds
Source of Funds
KYC self reliance Trust Funds
(only yielded interest  can be spent)
Rs. 38,41,930
Amount from Life -members, patron members and distinguished patron-members
Rs.4,7500 Interest can be achieved
Trust Funds for rewards
Rs. 30,32,000
11 altruistic individuals
Rewards from Interests
Tanchhoppa S.R.Trust Funds
Profit and donations w/ sympathy
Int. Rs.50,000

  At current stage, the central secretariat requires at least one million rupees per year to manage the salary of regular staff including administrative costs. Thus, KYC has to manage the Trust Funds of Rs.10.000,000 at the minimum, so that the yielded interest can make KYC economically sustainable to operate its programs and activities to pursue the defined mission.


Till to date, KYC does not have any alternatives other than to request the generous individuals for donation to meet the costs required for mandatory events or functions. By considering such a pity scenario, KYC has launched a campaign to increase its Trust Fund. The fund raising scheme was mandated by the last 10th National Assembly, and also by special provision stipulated in the 3 year policy and programs of KYC. This is a wide appeal of KYC to all Limbus from Nepal and abroad at individual level and also at organizational level to make the campaign a success.


In pursuant to the article 173(b) of KYC Constitution, the sub-committee for fund raising has been formed under the coordination of Mr. Manjul Yakthungba, the adviser and former chairperson of KYC to translate the scheme into action. KYC is grateful for the donations whatever a person can afford to give to increase the Trust Funds. Any types of Terms/conditions of donors are welcome, unless that does not contradict with KYC mission.


KYC extends its appreciations to those persons and institutions from Nepal and abroad who played key roles in facilitating individuals for grant support during previous days by which KYC became successful in its endeavor. KYC requests once again the Limbus at large to chip-in to boost up the Self Reliance Trust Funds.  


KYC will provide authentic recognition as mentioned below:

1. Rs.1,00,000 contributor will be awarded a recognition as KYC excellent supporter  with a letter of honor.

2. Rs 5,00,000 contributor will be awarded an admiration as KYC prestigious donor with a letter of honor.

NOTE: Alternative to above propositions - any other appropriate suggestions are welcome.


Kirat Yakthung Chumlung
Central Office